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  • August 12th - 18th
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  • July 22nd - 28th
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Conversion of Foreign ICAO ATPL / CPL to FAA ATPL

“ATP. Academy” is the best solution for foreign commercial and airline pilots who willing to get FAA license. Would you like to fly N-registered aircraft or you have an offer from world-famous airlines who required FAA license or you just want to have FAA license as a backup – our ATP.Academy for you. We have huge experience working with foreign pilots for many years. 

Get ATP License

We can help you to get Airline Transport Pilot license with or without type rating. Starting from ATP-CTP, written ATP ME test and finally ATP checkride – “ATP.Academy” is your friend, guide and coach. Just a few steps:

  • 1. ATP-CTP class (7 days)
  • 2. Written test (multi engine ATP)
  • 3. ATP training and checkride

Airbus 320 Type Rating

We offer 3 programs for A320 type rating: Initial, Reduced / Upgrade (for pilots with previous A320 experience as PIC / SIC) and Recurrent. We also offer a special reduced course for foreign pilots with a current A320 rating. We are using the newest Full Flight Simulator A320 CAE XR7000.

Airline Transport Pilot
Certification Training Course

Special offer for the class!

Special offers is available for some classes in 2024! Special Promotion price is only $3,499 vs. $3,999. Book your class in advance and save up to $500!

Upcoming Courses

ATP-CTP Course

The ATP-CTP course is a mandatory pre-requisite in order to take the ATP written exam.

Program Information

Cost Price



8 days

Upcoming Schedule

A320 Type Rating

We offer 3 programs for A320 type rating: Initial, Reduced (for current A320 pilots) and Upgrade (SIC to PIC)

Program Information

Cost Price



5 days

Upcoming Schedule

ATP Multi Engine Airplane

Cost Price



10 days

Upcoming Schedule

Why ATP.Academy?


All inclusive programs

We can offer you a turnkey package for obtaining your ATP license. From the first step until your ATP license with type rating (if required). We have ATP-CTP classes every Monday, we have FAA testing center for passing your ATP written test, we have multi-engine airplanes (BE-76 Duchess) and we have part 142 flight training center for your A320 type rating. All-inclusive!

For foreign pilots

FAA ATP based on ICAO license

We have huge experience helping foreign pilots from all around the world to get their FAA ATP license based on foreign CPL or ATP.

We can take you through this journey starting from Student Visa and TSA Approval until you have your FAA ATP license. We have special offers for Australian and Canadian citizens. Contact us for any questions!

Full Support

Great customer service

We usually work around the clock and available by many various ways of communication: by website, by phone, by email, by messengers (whatsapp, skype etc) and online contact forms.

We provide high quality service inlcuding Visa support, TSA consulting and support, rental cars and accommodation in our great student’s houses.

Accommodation and rental car

All around your training

ATP.Academy is not only a “ground and flight training facility”. We have a lot of international students as well as people from different US States. We have 2 student’s houses available for rent “per room” as well as 4 vehicles availabvle for rent. We can offer you a package deal with a very attractive price.

What Our Customers Say

There was a great experience! Thanks a lot for all especially for Andrey, very friendly and professional. I made ATPL test there, ATPL multi engine type and took relaxation flight around Florida, perfect!
Tapor Kuhz Great experience!
I joined SkyEagle for the ATP CTP course, I had a great experience. Cris and Dave were great and very attentive to the needs of their clients. Cris, has some of the best costumer service. If you email or call him he gets back to ASAP. Dave the instructor of the course, was great! One of the best instructors I’ve had in a long time, he’s a dying breed, you just don’t find them like him anymore. With his vast experience and knowledge of aviation, plus his amazing personality. He was able to deliver information to you in a way that doesn’t put you to sleep. Dave’s a great instructor in and out of the sim.
I would recommend SkyEagle to anyone looking to breeze through this course and actually enjoy it.
Lawrie B. I would recommend SkyEagle to anyone
Great learning experience for ATP prep, and for aviation knowledge building in general. Dave D brings his decades of diverse experience to classroom and SIM lessons, and Cris F seamlessly organizes the logistics. Together, they’ve produced a great program. Highly recommend, especially with their A320 SIM incorporated.
Jay Baker
I attended their ATP CTP course. David DeAngelo was our instructor. His real world experience and his common sense approach to the material provided a great learning experience. In addition, Cris was very helpful answering all my questions leading up and during the class.
Jay Barnes
Did my ATP CTP Course at SkyEagle Aviation Academy and my experience was terrific. Dave DeAngelo (Ground and Sim Instructor) is very knowledgable and made the training very enjoyable and definitely learned a lot from him. Great staff and great facilities. Strongly recommend it.
Kenny S.
I attended ATP-CTP at Skyeagle and received great instruction both in ground and in the sim which is an Airbus. Very much worth the money spent!
William Stiles
They work so hard to accommodate your schedule. The talented instructors are first class. I attended the ATP/CTP course. I would recommend this to anyone, they have full access to the most modern advanced simulator in the country.
Robi Jamesweathers

I completed the ATP-CTP course with SkyEagle in Jan/Feb 2020 and had a great time! The guys were extremely helpful and whenever I had any questions, they responded immediately. I would definitely recommend SkyEagle to anyone looking to do the ATP-CTP course!

Renier Kuhn, South Africa

As I fly an airline jet on a Part 121 carrier here in Brazil, the training doesn’t bring anything really new to me. Even our regulations in Brazil are really similar to the ones in the US. Still, what I really liked about the training was having both David and Musa as instructors. They have different styles and specifics they like to emphasize more, which is great. The experience they have to share is the most valuable asset for every pilot in class. For those who are not familiar with the airline world, the courseware is in great size and well structured. Oh, and by the way, Sheppard Air is the best recommendation. I got 88% on the FAA Written and I didn’t even study that much.

Guilherme Bernabe ATP-CTP class
They work so hard to accommodate your schedule. The talented instructors are first class. I attended the ATP/CTP course. I would recommend this to anyone, they have full access to the most modern advanced simulator in the country.
Robi Jamesweathers ATP-CTP class