FAA ATP Certification Program for Australian
pilots in Florida

Airline Transport Pilot
Certification Training Course


The Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP) is a mandatory training course for foreign commercial and airline pilots who plan to become an ATP ME (Multi-Engine Air Transport Pilot) certified and work for U.S. airlines.

Successful completion of the course is mandatory for taking the ATP written exam to confirm the upgrade of a foreign commercial (airline) pilot qualification to the airline multi-engine pilot qualification.


For Australian pilots, ATP-CTP training offers job prospects in the U.S.
  • Officially work in the U.S. on a E3 visa. Take advantage of the opportunity for official employment in the U.S. with a simplified nonimmigrant visa process for Australian citizens only.
  • Get the chance to become a pilot for a U.S. airlineTake your place among the pilots of American charter companies or even leading U.S. airlines, with a high salary and a full benefits package.
  • Earn between $120,000 and $250,000 yearlyEarn a respectable salary with a U.S. airline** (Data on salaries and financing provided by employment platform Indeed.com)
  • Train at ATP.Academy with support at every stage of the process. The ATP.Academy provides support for its students in all conceivable ways: assistance in obtaining a student visa and TSA approval, accommodation at our student houses, and support from experienced instructors and advisors.


Take the ATP-CTP course in Florida at ATP.Academy. Get a solid knowledge base at an affordable price at our training center, and spend your free time taking in the sun at the local beaches.

3,799 $
Cost Special discount for early booking
Duration 8 days 40 hours
The course includes
  • 30 hours of ground school
  • 4 hours of Flight Training Device
  • 6 hours of Full Flight Simulator (Level D)
Simulator A320-200 CAE XR7000
Location Fort Lauderdale, Orlando
Required experience CPL + IR or ATP License from Australia

Steps for a FAA ATP License based on CPL or ATP License from Australia


Check eligibility requirements

Check eligibility requirements according part 61.135 and aeronautical experience according part 61.159.


US Visa M1

If you don’t have US visa we can help you with student M-1 visa. Download our instruction for foreign students.


Request Letter of Verification

Make sure you have enough time because verification process can take up to 90 days!


Obtain TSA permissions, fingerprints

When you have US visa, immediately apply for TSA approval. Use our instruction for ATP-CTP. You need TSA for each course (ATP-CTP, ATP ME or A320 type)!


ATP-CTP Program

The ATP-CTP course is a mandatory pre-requisite in order to take the ATP written exam. ATP-CTP course include 30 hours of ground and 10 hours of sim training.


ATP Written Test

ATP ACP Multi engine written test includes 125 questions and you have 4 hours for pass this test. The minimum score is 70%.


Training and ATP checkride

Determine the type of ATP ME required (non-Type, Type А320, rating ATP ME + Type), take the course and pass the checkride.

Becoming an Airline Pilot in the U.S.

A step-by-step Guide

Step 1

Review the qualification requirements

Carefully review the Pilot Certification and Qualification Requirements for Air Carrier Operations approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Your experience, age, and other facts must meet be in line with the qualification requirements. See Part 61.153 and Part 61.159. for a detailed list of qualifications.

If you still have questions about whether you can apply for airline pilot status in the U.S., contact us at your convenience via phone or email. You will find all contact information here.

Below are the standards Australian pilots who plan to become FAA ATP certified and work for a U.S. airline must meet.

Professionalism Strong experience as an aircraft captain
Flight experience At least 1500 hours, including:

  • 500 hours of cross-country time
  • 100 hours of night flights
  • 250 as a aircraft captain or a pilot operating under the captain’s oversight
  • 50 hours of flight in the class of aircraft for which rating is being sought
  • 75 hours of instrument flight time (or in simulated conditions)
  • 50 hours of flight simulator training
Baseline documents for Australian pilots
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with IR rating (Instrument Rating) or
  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
Age At least 21
Integrity High standards to integrity
Step 2

Apply for a U.S. visa

Studying in the U.S. requires an M1 student visa. Our flight school is authorized by SEVIS to issue visas to international students and provide all the necessary support you need to obtain one. We will take care of all paperwork needed for securing the M1 student visa.

To start the processes:

  • Download and fill out the ATP.Academy course registration form and the M1 visa application.
  • Then scan the completed form and email it to info@flydreams.us.
  • We will bill you $500 for your M1 visa application. After paying for the visa, you will also need to make a $1,000 deposit into your personal study account. You can use this money to pay your tuition as soon as you enroll in the course. Information for payment will be provided.
  • Receive and fill out the required documents
  • We will send you the I-20 form and other documents required for your visa application. Fill out these documents, then go to the official Department of Homeland Security website link, click “Pay I-901 Fee,” and pay.


Book an appointment at your local U.S. embassy

Do it by phone or online. Arrive for your visa interview on the appointed day and time. If your visa is denied, your $1,000 tuition deposit will be fully refunded.

Enrollment application

You can download enrollment application for your personal ATP training with ATP.Academy

Step 3

File an application for verification of your pilot’s license

You will not be able to apply for an FAA ATP license unless you have verified the license under which you are currently flying. To do so, you must apply for an FAA AIRMEN CERTIFICATION BRANCH by mail or through the IACRA application. Please follow the application instructions on the FAA website or use our guidelines. Notice that you can still take ATP-CTP class and ATP Written exam while you are waiting for Letter of Verification. You need this only before ATP checkride. 


Submit your documents as early as possible, as the FAA takes up to 90 days to review them.

Step 4

File a application for TSA approval

Visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website and request training approval. This is a requirement for all international student pilots coming to the U.S. It is important to keep in mind that the application process takes 1-2 weeks, so you should submit it as soon as possible, preferably as soon as you receive your visa. If the application is not processed in time before the course starts, you will be excluded from simulator training (ground school only). 


Once the application is approved, submit your fingerprints (you will find a list of authorized TSA agents on the official website). You can have your fingerprints taken in Australia or when you arrive in the U.S.

Instruction for TSA application


You can download our instruction for TSA application for foreign pilots. Be aware that initial process can take up to 8 weeks.

Step 5

Take the ATP-CTP course

We offer ATP-CTP courses throughout the year, with four ATP-CTP training courses monthly. Determine the most convenient time for you to complete the training (taking into account the visa processing and TSA approval period). Coordinate with us on the desired training period (via website or email).

Prepare for your trip

Plan to take a leave of absence from your main place of employment while you are in the U.S. Keep in mind the duration of the trip:

  • 1-2 days – flights,
  • 8 days – ATP-CTP course at our training center,
  • 1 day – written ATP test.

Your trip will take at least 12 days overall.


If you plan to pass the whole ATP ME program (non-Type, Type A320 or ATP ME + Type Rating), this will also require approval from our school and an additional period of stay.


Non-Type ATP ME training requires 7-10 flight hours and 3-5 hours of ground school, as well as 1 further day for a checkride with an examiner. In this case, the period of stay could increase to 2-4 weeks.

Book a hotel room and vehicle

Local law in Florida does not allow for short-term home rentals. Apartments for rent are offered for a term of 1 year or more. Therefore, there are two accommodation options.

  • Booking a hotel room. You can book a room at one of the hotels close to the training center. Fort Lauderdale has many hotels of varying comfort levels ranging in price from $70 to $200 per night.
  • Booking a room at the ATP.Academy guest house. We offer our own student houses, located just 10 minutes away from the training center, providing comfortable accommodations for our students for the duration of their studies. Students can stay at our student house for between 1 day and 1 year, with payment starting at $60/night. The house is available on “first come, first serve” base.

We can also help students select and rent a car for the period of the training course.


If you require help with accommodation and a car, please let us know in advance. We recommend that you book your accommodation and car at least one month in advance of your expected arrival date for the course.

Complete the course

The total duration of the course is 8 days. The training takes place at our training center in Fort Lauderdale or Orlando. The program includes 40 hours of training:

  • 30 hours of ground school;
  • 4 hours of Flight Training Device;
  • 6 hours of Full Flight Simulator

Our students train on the most advanced full A320-200 CAE XR7000 flight simulator at Fort Lauderdale International Airport or Orlando training center, which provides a superior level of practice.


After completion of the course you will receive a certificate which also functions as admission to take the ATP ME written test.


The ATP-CTP course does not include preparation for the ATP ME written test (you can prepare for the test yourself using apps recommended by our instructors.

Step 6

Take the ATP ME written test

You can take the ATP ME written test immediately after completing the ATP-CTP course at the FAA testing site within our training center in Fort Lauderdale. You must register for the test on the PSI website, get an account and schedule a test day.


The written test is computer-based. It includes 125 questions and takes 4 hours. Passing the test requires that at least 70% of questions be answered correctly.

Andrey Borisevich
Still have
Andrey Borisevich, Chief Instructor


Call us:  (954) 399-6911
Email us: info@flydreams.us
Visit us:  1801 S Perimeter rd, ste 180, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33309
Step 7

Complete the additional training and checkride

After successfully passing the test, the last step on your way to a career as a U.S. line pilot is the ATP test in a simulator or airplane. At this stage you can choose which license you want (with or without a type rating).

Type A320

You can get a type rating simultaneously with your ATP pilot license checkride. This is convenient for pilots who have already decided on the aircraft on which they will continue their career.


Our flight school allows you to be trained and receive a type rating on an Airbus 320. After completing the training program, passing the test and checkride you will receive an airline pilot license with an Airbus 320 rating.


If you have not yet decided what type of aircraft you plan to operate in the future, or if you intend to work as a co-pilot, choose a license without a type rating. You can get a type rating later and once you get your license you can start working for most US charter companies which usually provide specific type rating training for the type you intend to fly.


In this case you must complete a short training program (7-10 hours) and pass a test flight in a light twin-engine airplane. If you successfully pass, you will receive your ATP Multi-Engine Land pilot’s license (with a license to fly multi-engine aircraft without a type designation).

Even if you already have a type rating and have been a pilot for many years, you still need to take additional training and complete a checkride with an examiner. This is because the FAA has equally high requirements for airline pilots’ education and experience in the U.S. and foreign countries. Since the requirements are the same across the board, additional training will be required depending on your desired rating and future plans for working as a U.S. airline pilot.


With a U.S. pilot’s license, you can confidently begin your search for jobs with U.S. airlines. Once you receive an offer from a U.S. employer, apply for an E3 visa and officially begin working in the U.S.


To enroll in the course, you must meet the following minimum requirements.


Age 21 – 65
Citizenship Australia
Professional experience

Aircraft captain with at least 1500 hours of experience

Ratings Instrument rating
Certificates Australian CPL+IR or ATPL
Medical First class
Knowledge of English Good knowledge
TSA Required
License Verification Verification complete
ATP License Requirements for Australian Pilots

To begin your ATP-CTP course, you must meet the following requirements.

Submit the following documents:
  • Pilot License
  • TSA approval
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Document confirming your home address
Electronic device on hand Ipad (preferred)
Abide by dress code Casual
  • 30 hours of ground school
  • 4 hours of Flight Training Device
  • 6 hours of Full Flight Simulator (Level D)

Course Overview

The ATP-CTP course is mandatory for commercial and airline pilots who plan to move up the career ladder and work as U.S. airline pilots.

It meets FAA requirements and includes 30 hours of theoretical training and 10 hours of practical training:

  • Theoretical training. This includes an academic block on the following topics: aerodynamics, meteorology, air carrier operations, crew resource management, safety culture, professional development and leadership.
  • Flight training. The practical portion of the course includes familiarization with the cockpit, training in navigation, automation, control systems, safety basics in adverse weather conditions and on the runway. ATP.Academy students are trained on the Airbus a320 flight simulator.


At the end of the course a certificate is provided which serves as admission to the ATP ME written test. The certificate is valid indefinitely while the test results are valid for 60 months.

Our instructors
David DeAngelo

David DeAngelo
Ground and Simulator Instructor, more than 40 years of flight experience, 10 type ratings, including A320, B747, DC-10 etc.

Scott Leach

Scott Leach
Ground instructor, CFI / CFII / MEI, check airman. More than 6000 hours. Part 135 King Air captain.

Andrey Borisevich

Andrey Borisevich
ATP-CTP program Chief Instructor, ground and sim instructor, CFI / CFII / MEI. More than 6500 hours. A320, HondaJet, VisionJet, LJ 60 Captain.

ATP-CTP Course Cost in

2023-2024 for Australian Pilots

Standard Price


4,299 $

full price

Early Bird


3,799 $

If paying before month or earlier

Training Center Equipment: Flight

Training Aircraft & Simulators

Our students study in comfortable classrooms and train on the most modern simulators. We have state-of-the-art teaching and training facilities to build strong theoretical and practical piloting skills.

The training center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our training center is located at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.
Students study in well-equipped, state-of-the-art classrooms. There are several classrooms with capacity for groups of more than 10 students. There is also an FAA testing center: our graduates can take the ATP ME written test onsite after graduation.

The training center in Orlando, Florida

The second training center is located in Orlando. It has a classroom for group training sessions for 8 students. There is a simulator training center equipped with A320 simulators in just 15 minutes ride from the office.

Simulator training center

We offer new-generation flight simulators for our students’ practical training:

  • Airbus 320 FTD level 5
  • Airbus 320 Full Flight Simulator level D

Our practical training equipment is certified and approved by the FAA. These are the newest and best simulators today that can be used for pilot training and development in the U.S.

Our own fleet of aircraft

We have our own fleet of aircrafts on which our students can train and take their test flights.

  • Aircraft for basic training. We use single-engine piston planes equipped with the latest avionics.
  • ATP ME training planes. Our students are trained on Beechcraft Duchess 76 aircraft.


Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

Trusted by Regional Airlines

Upcoming Schedule

Fort Lauderdale



Seats available

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1. Is TSA security clearance required for Non-US citizens?

Yes, foreign nationals are required to obtain TSA approval to study in the U.S. We provide full support to our prospective students for obtaining TSA approval for the ATP-CTP course at ATP.Academy.

2. Do you help students with accommodations or transportation?

Yes, when there is availability in our student housing. This requires advance booking. We can also help with car rental through partners but do not provide our own cars.

3. What are the career prospects for an Australian in an American airline company?

Getting your ATP license provides a straight path to charter operators, because it’s much easier to get a job from part 135 charter operators (business aviation) and cargo airlines. Some Miami cargo companies hire Australian pilots.

4. What does the ATP-CTP course consist of and how long is it?

The ATP CTP course consists of theoretical and practical training. It includes 30 hours of theory and 10 hours of practical training, including 4 hours of flight training device training and 6 hours of full flight simulator training. The course is taught by the experienced ex-airline pilots and ATP.Academy instructors.

5. Does ATP-CTP result in a type rating?

No, it only provides a “ticket” to take a written test for the ATP Multi Engine License. However, it in itself is not a type rating without an exam or checkride after ATP-CTP. It's an informative course required by the Federal Aviation Regulations.

6. Are there preparation materials for ATP CTP?

No, you don't need special materials to prepare for the ATP-CTP course. There is no need to prepare in advance, because ATP.Academy will provide you with all the necessary information and materials for theoretical preparation and practical training.

7. Does ATP-CTP prepare me for the ATP written exam?

No, this course is designed to cover the gap between inexperienced commercial pilots who are seeking to boost their qualifications to airline level. There are a number of online applications that aid in preparation for the written test. We will provide you with links to these applications, so you can take the test on your own and will also advise on the test-taking process.

8. How long are written exam results valid?

The ATP-CTP certificate is valid indefinitely. The written test results are valid for up to 60 months.

9. Is ATP-CTP a requirement to take the ATP single engine written test?

No, ATP-CTP is not required for ATP Single Engine.

10. What do I receive as confirmation of ATP-CTP completion?

You will receive a certificate of ATP-CTP course completion on an FAA-approved form. The certificate serves as admission to the ATP ME written test.

11. Does the ATP-CTP graduation certificate expire?

No. The ATP-CTP certificate is valid indefinitely.

12. How much to get FAA ATP based on my ICAO ATP?

The total price is combined from the ATP-CTP course cost + cost of your ATP course and checkride. As you can see from this page you have a choice between "non-type ATP" and "ATP + type rating". The approximate price depending on your personal case will be:  

  1. NON-type ATP: $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $4,000 (8 hours of ME training on BE76) + $1,000 (checkride  and aircraft rental) = $9,174
  2. ATP with Type-rating A320 (initial): $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $15,000 (A320 Initial + checkride) = $19,174
  3. ATP with Type-rating A320 (reduced, if you have A320 in ICAO license): $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $8,500 (A320 Reduced + checkride) = $12,674
  You can check our Packages to get a better price! P.S. Prices are subject to change! Verify current prices with our representative.

Enrollment Form