Our Facility in Orlando

Orlando, Florida

We have FAA-approved satellite in Orlando, Florida. This is our second base, headquarter located in Fort Lauderdale.

Florida Mall Business center

We conduct our ATP-CTP ground school classes at Florida Mall Business center located in 15 minutes from Orlando International airport and 20 minutes from Orlando Executive airport and Kissimmee airport.

We have a main office located at 1650 W Sand lake, ste 250, Orlando, Florida, 32809.


The class for ATP-CTP program can fit up to 8 students, equipped with big screen TV, whiteboard and instructor station. Class also have posters with Airbus 320 systems and instrument panels.

Facility has a small kitchen with water cooler, coffee machine and snack bar.

Services provided at Orlando facility:

Address: 1650 W Sand lake, ste 250, Orlando, Florida, 32809

Phone: (954) 504-9412

Orlando simulator training center

ATP.Academy has leasing agreement with different training centers to provide you with high quality service and the most advanced simulators. One of our partners is Avenger Flight Group, which supply us with modern and brand new Airbus 320 FTD Level 5 and Airbus 320 Full flight simulator, Level D.


The facility located at 2612 Consulate Dr Suite 200B, Orlando, FL 32819. We have access to one FTD device and 3 modern A320 FFS Level D. All of them FAA approved and certified, so we can offer the best devices available on the market today.