1. Is TSA security clearance required for Non-US citizens?

Yes, foreign nationals are required to obtain TSA approval to study in the U.S. We provide full support to our prospective students for obtaining TSA approval for the ATP-CTP course at ATP.Academy.

2. Do you help students with accommodations or transportation?

Yes, when there is availability in our student housing. This requires advance booking. We can also help with car rental through partners but do not provide our own cars.

3. What are the career prospects for an Australian in an American airline company?

Getting your ATP license provides a straight path to charter operators, because it’s much easier to get a job from part 135 charter operators (business aviation) and cargo airlines. Some Miami cargo companies hire Australian pilots.

4. What does the ATP-CTP course consist of and how long is it?

The ATP CTP course consists of theoretical and practical training. It includes 30 hours of theory and 10 hours of practical training, including 4 hours of flight training device training and 6 hours of full flight simulator training. The course is taught by the experienced ex-airline pilots and ATP.Academy instructors.

5. Does ATP-CTP result in a type rating?

No, it only provides a “ticket” to take a written test for the ATP Multi Engine License. However, it in itself is not a type rating without an exam or checkride after ATP-CTP. It's an informative course required by the Federal Aviation Regulations.

6. Are there preparation materials for ATP CTP?

No, you don't need special materials to prepare for the ATP-CTP course. There is no need to prepare in advance, because ATP.Academy will provide you with all the necessary information and materials for theoretical preparation and practical training.

7. Does ATP-CTP prepare me for the ATP written exam?

No, this course is designed to cover the gap between inexperienced commercial pilots who are seeking to boost their qualifications to airline level. There are a number of online applications that aid in preparation for the written test. We will provide you with links to these applications, so you can take the test on your own and will also advise on the test-taking process.

8. How long are written exam results valid?

The ATP-CTP certificate is valid indefinitely. The written test results are valid for up to 60 months.

9. Is ATP-CTP a requirement to take the ATP single engine written test?

No, ATP-CTP is not required for ATP Single Engine.

10. What do I receive as confirmation of ATP-CTP completion?

You will receive a certificate of ATP-CTP course completion on an FAA-approved form. The certificate serves as admission to the ATP ME written test.

11. Does the ATP-CTP graduation certificate expire?

No. The ATP-CTP certificate is valid indefinitely.

12. How much to get FAA ATP based on my ICAO ATP?

The total price is combined from the ATP-CTP course cost + cost of your ATP course and checkride. As you can see from this page you have a choice between "non-type ATP" and "ATP + type rating". The approximate price depending on your personal case will be:  

  1. NON-type ATP: $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $4,000 (8 hours of ME training on BE76) + $1,000 (checkride  and aircraft rental) = $9,174
  2. ATP with Type-rating A320 (initial): $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $15,000 (A320 Initial + checkride) = $19,174
  3. ATP with Type-rating A320 (reduced, if you have A320 in ICAO license): $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $8,500 (A320 Reduced + checkride) = $12,674
  You can check our Packages to get a better price! P.S. Prices are subject to change! Verify current prices with our representative.