1. What are the career prospects for an Australian in an American airline company?

Getting your ATP license provides a straight path to charter operators, because it’s much easier to get a job from part 135 charter operators (business aviation) and cargo airlines. Some Miami cargo companies hire Australian pilots.

2. How much to get FAA ATP based on my ICAO ATP?

The total price is combined from the ATP-CTP course cost + cost of your ATP course and checkride. As you can see from this page you have a choice between "non-type ATP" and "ATP + type rating". The approximate price depending on your personal case will be:  

  1. NON-type ATP: $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $4,000 (8 hours of ME training on BE76) + $1,000 (checkride  and aircraft rental) = $9,174
  2. ATP with Type-rating A320 (initial): $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $15,000 (A320 Initial + checkride) = $19,174
  3. ATP with Type-rating A320 (reduced, if you have A320 in ICAO license): $3,999 (ATP-CTP) + $175 (written test) + $8,500 (A320 Reduced + checkride) = $12,674
  You can check our Packages to get a better price! P.S. Prices are subject to change! Verify current prices with our representative.

3. I currently have a EASA CPL ME IR ATPL frozen license. I'm interested in converting my license in FAA.

There are no direct converting from EASA CPL to FAA CPL. You have 2 options, depending on the number of flight hours you have now:

  1. You can convert your EASA CPL to FAA PPL and then you need to add Instrument rating (training + written test + Checkride) and CPL (ME or SE or Both) - the same procedure (training + written test + Checkride). You can find more info about validation here: http://skyeagle.aero/add_services/validation_faa/ And all other courses (Instrument rating and Commercial license) available at SkyEagle Aviation Academy. And here: http://skyeagle.aero/2017/05/04/faq-for-foreign-atp-pilots/
  1. If you qualified for FAA ATP (more than 1500 hours total and meet other requirements) then you have another option - straight to FAA ATPL.
Information about this option is here: https://atp.academy/atp/  

4. How to get FAA ATP if I already have ICAO ATP?

You have 2 options here:

If you still have questions - send us email info@flydreams.us.

5. Why do I need to take training for type rating if I already have type rating in my ICAO license?

This is a very common question. But the truth is - you really need type rating to get your FAA license with type even if you are Captain with XXXX thousand hours on this type. The reason for that - your FAA license is independent license of the United States of America and you need to comply with FAA regulations. Not your local regulations. It means that you need to take some training on the same type before checkride. Most of the schools (and ATP.Academy also) can offer you Reduced Program, which means you don't need to go over again as Initial training. You just need 4-8 hours of SIM training and some ground school before your checkride. Also, be aware that your FAA checkride will be absolutely the same and full as normal checkride for initial type rating even if you have XXX thousand hours on type.

6. What is the TSA? Why is it necessary to get TSA approval and how do I get it?

TSA – Transportation Security Administration. These are the same people who carry out passenger screening at US airports, for example. They also check and screen foreign students pilots and then approve them for flight training. After 9/11, all foreign students applying for a license from an FAA pilot are required to obtain a training permit from the TSA.  This is to prevent another catastrophe similar to 9/11.  All of the hijackers on 9/11 received flight training in the US to some extent. You must visit https://www.fts.tsa.dhs.gov/, to register and apply for training at a specific educational institution. IMPORTANT: When submitting an application, you must know exactly which flight school you will train at because you choose a service provider. If after the confirmation of TSA you decide to change the school – you will have to file a new application and pay a fee for the new ($130 for each application). If you apply for ATP-CTP and Type Rating, there will be two applications. After the TSA examines your application and they can confirm everything you will need to be fingerprinted. They can be handed in either with the police or with a special TSA agent.  A list of which can be found on the website above. We provide our own agent for the cost of $90 and he does everything in one day.

  1. The TSA application process can take 6-8 weeks. You may view your application progression on the homepage of https://www.flightschoolcandidates.gov/ and see quickly you may be approved. Keep this in mind when planning the start of your training, because if you signed up for ATP-CTP and you decided to apply for TSA 10 days before the start of the course, there is a considerable risk that you will be unable to fly for a few weeks. Easily avoidable if there is some preparation! NOTE: you can not start SIM training without TSA approval but you can take ground school.
  2. There are often problems with foreign last times. Sometimes they want the last name to be both in the pilot’s certificate and in the “Middle Name” field. Sometimes they want the name and last name to be together in the same “First Name” field. Have this in mind – how you wrote your name with the TSA will follow you everywhere; in a medical certificate, in a pilot certificate, in the results of a written test, in the FAA database, and so on. You must be careful with how you present your name because Americans attach great importance to bureaucracy. We know cases when the examiner refused to take exams because the medical certificate was written with a middle name, and the written exam did not have the middle name. If two “people” on paper do not coincide, then one paper is not valid and the examination can not be accepted (well, such logic is with the examiner).
  3. Sometimes fingerprinting takes more than 1-2 days. Make sure you have 2-3 days between arriving in the US and starting your ATP program.

7. What is the Letter of Verification?

If you have a foreign (non-FAA) license, and you are meet all part 61 requirements to get FAA ATP based on the foreign license, you need to prove that your license is valid, not expired, not revoked, etc. The official way how to do that - request a Letter of Verification from FAA authority. FAA will request this confirmation from your local CAA authority. The process itself can take up to 90 days and you need a Letter of Verification before your ATP checkride or ATP + type rating checkride.

8. How to validate my ICAO license?

You can find the best answer on government FAA-portal: https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/foreign_license_verification/ Pay special attention that this process can take up 90 days!