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Housing for ATP-CTP students!

Posted on: 10/21/2022

We are not only provide excellent flight training, but we also have equally great housing for our students. Since this flight academy has students from all over the world. Consequently, we felt it would be best if we could provide comfortable and affordable accommodations for our highly valued students.

Just a short drive from the flight school, there are two new houses with three bedrooms for rent each. In fact, because SkyEagle has our own fleet of cars for rent, we can bundle together the car and the room rental into one package!

All of the prices listed below include internet and utilities.

  • Master Bedroom  – weekly rate $400 per week
  • Room 2 – $300 per week
  • Room 3 – $300 per week
  • Room 4 – $300 per week

Check availability with us before you plan of your trip! Email: info@flydreams.us

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