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ATP.Academy’s Debut and Exclusive Promos at Sun’n’Fun 2024

Posted on: 04/05/2024

This year is the 50th anniversary of Florida’s biggest and most awaited aviation festival, known as the Sun’n’Fun Festival. It’s a very special event for people who love flying, pilots, and those who enjoy exciting experiences in the aviation world.

Celebrating 50 Years of Aviation Excellence

For the first time, ATP.Academy will be attending the event. From April 9 to April 14, you can find ATP.Academy in Hangar C, at booth number 50, where we will proudly present ATP.Academy to attendees from around the world.

To mark this unique participation, we are excited to present an exclusive offer on our ATP-CTP course for attendees of the event. Booth visitors can expect a range of surprises, such as exceptional pricing deals, discounts, and exclusive bonuses for those enrolling with us during the event days. We’re introducing a new payment plan for the ATP-CTP course that makes it easier to start your ATP career with us.

Stay tuned for more news and don’t miss your chance to advance until the ATP level!

The festival at the Lakeland airfield is going to be a big show of planes and flying, and we’re very proud to be part of the 50th anniversary. Come join us to celebrate 50 years of amazing flying events at Sun’n’Fun.

About ATP.Academy

Located in the central aviation hubs of Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, South Florida, ATP.Academy meets the professional development needs of aviators aiming for ATP Level certifications. Our extensive support system ensures a smooth journey for pilots, from initial pilot license validation to the completion of their advanced training programs. We offer a range of specialized courses, including ATP-CTP, and ATP type and non-type rating courses.

ATP.Academy is your partner in aviation excellence for ambitious aviators looking to elevate their careers. ATP.Academy is a brand name owned by SkyEagle Aviation Academy, part 141 flight school in Florida.


About SkyEagle Aviation Academy

Located in Fort Lauderdale, 40 miles north of Miami, Florida, SkyEagle Aviation Academy is a leading flight school offering Professional pilot programs. With a focus on high-quality training from zero to Commercial Pilot License and Airline Pilot License. SkyEagle has graduated over 1000 students since its inception in 2010. As a Part 141 flight school approved by the FAA and SEVIS, SkyEagle supports international students with M-1 visas and offers unique financing packages for local students.

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ATP.Academy’s Debut and Exclusive Promos at Sun’n’Fun 2024
This year is the 50th anniversary of Florida's biggest and most awaited aviation festival, known as the Sun'n'Fun Festival. It's [...]
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